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OBD2 HUD Digital Display Keamanan Berkendara

Plug N Play OBD2 (Head Up Display ) HUD Display Keamanan Berkendara OBDII Projecting important Information. HUD OMRS1SXX ini dapat digunakan untuk berbagai macam jenis mobil yang menggunakan jalur OBD (On Board Diagnostic System). HUD ini menampilkan display seperti kecepatan kendaraan, mesin, temperatur, jarak tempuh, bensin, dan lain sebagainya.


The product is developed for safe driving of auto. When an auto is at high speed, especially at night, if the driver lowers his head to watch meters or audio display, he will not take effective measures in time when some emergencies appear suddenly. At that critical time, HUD reflects very exquisite care by projecting the important information of meters display on front windshield in auto moving, such as speed. Not only does it helps new driver of less experience to control the speed to avoid overspeed in some speed limit road section, but also it makes the driver read the data rapidly without transforming vision and keep the best watch state sobermindedly.

HUD can display many parameters at the same time as follows, vehicle speed, engine speed, water tempe- rature (voltage, throttle valve position, ignition advance angle, time of 100 km acceleration),fuel consumption, mileage, low fuel tips, engine failure.

To know your vehicle type and brand. Choosing the vehicle type which in line with OBDII standard, you can open the engine hood and find a sticker under it. If the sticker has the letterOBDII CERTIFIED, it means you can install the HUD.

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